Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CFileThe structure representing MysoreScript File objects
 CAddAdd expression
 CArgListArgument list for a call expression
 CAssignmentAssignment statements, setting the value of a variable
 CBinOpTemplate superclass for binary operators
 CBinOpBaseAbstract superclass for binary operators
 CCallA call expression
 CClassDeclA class declaration
 CClosureDeclA closure declaration
 CCmpEqEquality comparison
 CCmpGEGreater-than-or-equal-to comparison
 CCmpGtGreater-than comparison
 CCmpLELess-than-or-equal-to comparison
 CCmpLtLess-than comparison
 CCmpNeNon-equality comparison
 CComparisonSuperclass for comparison operations
 CDeclA variable declaration
 CDivideDivide operation
 CExpressionAbstract superclass for expressions (statements that evaluate to something)
 CIdentifierAny identifier in the source
 CIfStatementIf statement
 CMultiplyMultiply operation
 CNewExprA new expression, which constructs a new instance of a class
 CNumberA number literal
 CParamListA parameter list for a closure declaration
 CReturnReturn statement
 CStatementThe abstract superclass for all statements
 CStatementsBlock of statements
 CStringLiteralA string literal
 CSubtractSubtract expression
 CVarRefReference to a variable
 CWhileLoopA while loop
 CContextThe compiler context
 CValueValue wraps an object pointer
 CArrayThe layout of the primitive Array class in MysoreScript
 CClassStruct holding metadata about a class
 CClosureThe layout of all closures in MysoreScript
 CMethodMethods in a class's method list
 CObjectA generic MysoreScript object
 CStringThe primitive String class in MysoreScript
 CMysoreScriptGrammarGrammar for the MysoreScript language
 CMysoreScriptParserClass representing a parser for the MysoreScript language