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 CArithmeticArithmetic nodes, for example '+ a0 12' (add the value 12 to register a0)
 CGlobalRegisterA reference to one of the ten global registers, whose values are only reset after updating an entire grid
 CLiteralA (number) literal
 CLocalRegisterA reference to one of the ten local registers, whose values are initially zero on entry into the cell
 CNeighboursAST node for a neighbours expression
 COpValue representing the operation to use in an arithmetic / assignment statement
 CRangeA range within a range expression
 CRangeExprA range expression, for example [ a0 | (2,3) => 1] (if the value of register a0 is 2-3 inclusive, evaluate to 1, otherwise evaluate to 0)
 CRegisterAbstract base class for all register types in the AST
 CStatementRoot class for all statement AST nodes in the Cellular Automata grammar
 CStatementListA list of statements that will be executed sequentially
 CVRegisterThe v register, which represents the current value in the grid
 CStateThe current state for the interpreter
 CCellAtomGrammarSingleton class encapsulating the grammar for the CellAtom language
 CCellAtomParserClass representing a parser for the CellAtom language