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 CAsciiFileInputA concrete Input class that wraps a file
 CASTContainerType of ast member vector
 CASTListA list of objects
 CASTMemberBase class for children of ASTContainer
 CASTNodeBase class for AST nodes
 CASTParserDelegateA parser delegate that is responsible for creating AST nodes from the input
 CASTPtrAn ASTPtr is a wrapper around a pointer to an AST object
 CBindASTThe BindAST class is responsible for binding an action to a rule
 CExprAbstract base class for expressions
 CExprPtrA shared pointer to an expression
 CInputAbstract superclass for indexing into a buffer with arbitrary storage
 CiteratorIterator, refers back into the input stream
 CInputRangeA range within input
 CParserDelegateParser delegate abstract class
 CParserPositionPosition into the input
 CRuleRule class, which represents a rule in a grammar
 CStreamInputAn Input that wraps a std::istream
 CStringInputA concrete Input subclass that wraps a std::string, providing access to the underlying characters
 CUnicodeVectorInputA concrete input class that wraps a vector of 32-bit characters